The valuation of conservation easements has come under increasing scrutiny in recent years. The Internal Revenue Service has an obvious concern over its impact on tax receipts and Congress has focused on perceived abuses in the tax treatment of gifts of conservation easements. In addition, many state agencies have raised similar concerns at a state level. Valuation of Conservation Easements is an intense, advanced level educational endeavor dealing with one of the most controversial and scrutinized topics in valuation. It is designed for general certified appraisers who understand the methodology in the approaches to value and are ready to embark on understanding the intricacies involved in an often misunderstood and difficult type of appraisal.

This program will expose the participants to how broad the valuation of conservation easement really is, so the participants will learn that there are different approaches, solutions, and regulations in different areas of the country and for different clients. Participants will need to be exposed to a number of different properties so that they will have the competency knowledge of conservation easements. In particular, this course will focus on the valuation methodologies and techniques used in appraising conservation easements, as well as the regulatory framework within which conservation easements are traded.

  • Upon successful completion of the course and examination, the participants will have an understanding of the methodologies and techniques commonly used in valuing conservation easements. The participants will have a grasp of state, federal, and IRS regulations and requirements relating to conservation easements, and will have an understanding of the range of assignments that are common in valuing conservation easements.
  • Successful participants will be able to develop an effective scope of work for a conservation easement valuation assignment, apply concepts of Highest and Best Use Analysis to that assignment, and utilize a range of techniques to effectively carry out a conservation easement valuation. In particular, participants will be able to identify the unique issues that may apply to conservation easements, and will be able to complete the assignment(s) in accordance with the various state and federal agency requirements.
  • Those participants that successfully pass the examination will be given a Certificate of Completion. This will allow the participants to provide evidence of education in this specialized topic to potential employers.


Important Notice: Upon successful completion of the Valuation of Conservation Easement program curriculum and passing the program exam, participants will receive a Certificate of Completion. This Certificate of Completion will provide participants with evidence that they have completed education in this topic for potential clients and employers.THE CERTIFICATE OF COMPLETION DOES NOT PROVIDE CERTIFICATION OF ANY KIND, NOR DOES IT ATTEST TO THE COMPETENCY OF THE PARTICIPANTS. Recipients of a Certificate of Completion may represent that they have completed the programs curriculum and passed the examination. However, recipients of a Certificate of Completion may not represent themselves as certified in valuation of conservation easements, as holding a certification in valuation of conservation easements, or as having a specialization, competency, or expertise based solely on the successful completion of the program. The program provider does not assume any duty to the public for the services provided by program participants, or any other person or entity.

Co-developed by the Appraisal Institute, ASFMRA, and ASA. The Land Trust Alliance also contributed to the success of this program. for more information