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The Education Committee of WAVO would like to compile a book entitled Valuation Practice in the Global Economy describing the valuation practice in various parts of the world. It hopes to get the book published in due course. We would like to invite senior valuation practitioners (including academics) to contribute a paper relating to your country. Each countrys paper will form a chapter of the book.


Publication Guide

Content of Each Chapter

The paper should highlight the following information in each country. The length of the paper should be 5,000 to 8,000 words (single line).

  • Background to Country eg size, population and economy
  • Institutional Framework eg property rights, land use and planning, controls
  • Characteristics of the Property Markets eg submarkets, rental market, trends and state
  • The Property Profession eg education and training, professional body
  • Valuation Practice eg private and public sectors, methods of valuation, types of valuation, valuation standards
  • Control over Valuation activities eg licensing, code of ethics, tribunals and courts
  • Other relevant topics


Indication of Interest

This invitation is extended to anyone who is interested to contribute. The name of the contributor will be indicated in each chapter. In addition, all contributors will receive two copies of the published book. Anyone who is interested should write in with the following information:

  • Name(s) of author(s)
  • Designation or affiliation
  • Brief background of experience and training

Email address (or other contacts)In the event of multiple interests, the selection of the final contributor for the country paper will be made by the Education Committee.


Date of submission

  • Date of indication of interest: by 15 June
  • Date of reply by Committee: by 30 June


Date of submission of paper: by 15 September If there are at least three expressions of interest by authors from one country, an earlier acceptance of the country paper may be made and the successful author be informed accordingly.


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