Release of International Valuation Standards 2017

The International Valuation Standards Council has recently announced the release of IVS 2017

IVS 2017 serves as the key guidance for valuation professionals around the world while underlying the consistency, transparency and confidence in valuations.

Hard copies of IVS 2017 is available for purchase from IVSC Bookstore. Please click onto the link below if you wish to purchase a copy.

Following the release of IVS 2017 in January 2017, the IVSC has announced that by 1 July 2017IVS 2017 adoption will become mandatory globally.

The World Association of Valuation Organisations (WAVO), which will be conducting the training and education of IVS 2017, welcomes and supports the IVSC in it’s effort to constantly upgrade the standard of valuation practice globally.

Please look out at our new webpage for information and details on the courses and training for IVS 2017 under WAVO.