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An important function of WAVO is to promote constant dialogue and frequent exchanges of views on valuation issues among valuers of the WAVO members from different parts of the world. It is the intention of WAVO to host an annual congress to enable such an exchange to take place.

The purpose of this guideline is to provide guidance to potential WAVO members which intend to host a WAVO Valuation Congress. It describes the responsibilities of the host member and WAVO, the submission process and the approval procedure.

This timely new seminar will explore the history of the green building movement in the US. Case studies covering recently completed green buildings, will illustrate concepts and real world applications. Become familiar with design principles, cost-benefit analysis, and the implications for the valuation process. Also, discover how green buildings are analyzed and valued for investment purposes.

Responsibilities of Host Member

The host member must be a full WAVO member. It is required to submit a proposal to WAVO at least 15 months before the congress and by 1 January each year if it intends to host the congress in the following year.

The main responsibilities of the host member are to ensure that the WAVO Valuation Congress will be successfully held in accordance with the Congress Guideline provided by WAVO (see below). The host member will have to assess the risks and benefits in hosting such a congress, and will be responsible for whatever losses as well as profits. It should therefore have the financial capability to host the conference.

Responsibilities of WAVO

WAVO using its network and website will assist in promoting the WAVO Valuation Congress, and provide whatever assistance and guidance when necessary based on its past experience and expertise in organising conferences. It will also assist in sourcing for good speakers and suggest topical issues for discussion at the congress.

Submission Procedure

The congress proposal should contain the following information:

  • Proposed Dates of Congress

  • Theme of Congress

  • Outline of sub-themes

  • Tentative programme for each day

  • Details of Technical Tours

  • Social programme

  • Proposed congress fees

  • Congress venue.

Please refer to WAVO Congress Guideline concerning the submission and how the congress should be organised.

Approval Procedure

The WAVO Congress Committee will assess the yearly applications and make its decision known to the applicants by 31 January each year. If there are no suitable applications, no congress will be held for the particular year. If there are at least three applications received before the dateline, the Committee may make its decision early and inform the applicants accordingly.

Upon obtaining approval to host the congress, the host country is required to make a payment of US$1,000.00 being administrative fee by 30 April. This payment is made towards supporting WAVO which will in turn assist in promoting the congress around the world.


The WAVO Valuation Congress is expected to be the main highlight of WAVO events. It is expected that many WAVO members will make their bid to host this event. This guideline will assist potential members which are keen to host such a congress to prepare for their submission and to successfully host the congress. The intention is to give every full WAVO member an opportunity to host a WAVO congress, Hence, preference will be given to countries from different continents to host the following year congress unless there is no suitable application.


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