Theme : Achieving Valuation Sophistication

>> 7-9 May 2008, Bali, Indonesia <<

The Asean Valuers Association (AVA) was established in 1981 with five founding members namely, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and the Philippines. Each country is represented by 7 valuers from the public and private sectors and the academia to form the Governing Council. Since 1981, AVA was extended to include Brunei and Vietnam. Three other Asean countries namely Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar are not officially members yet as there are no formal valuation professions in these countries. They are now having observer status in AVA.

The AVA Congress is held once every 2 years rotating among the ASEAN member countries. The congress provides a valuable platform to share views, networking, interaction, a place to learn and exchange knowledge and information and foster comradeship and fellowship. Between congresses, there is a pre-congress meeting to prepare for the congress.

From 7th to 9th May 2008, the 15th AVA Congress themed Achieving Valuation Sophistication is to be held in Indonesia.

It is the third time that Indonesia will host the AVA Congress. The 3rd AVA Congress was held in Jakarta in 1984 and the 8th AVA Congress in 1994 was also held in Jakarta. To accommodate the request from most ASEAN member countries, the 15th AVA Congress will be in Bali.

Bali is known as a place for pleasure and relaxation; it is also believed that the congress will be attractive to participants.

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